wake up!

wake up!

ok so i have taken a little…well ok…a lot of time off.

our little flock has grown, and i have loved every second of it…of them…they are AMAZING!

fox-with-poloroidit has been good to have some space, but i am ready to start chronicling our circus of a life again. i have no words to express how quickly it all goes by, and  just how quickly i can miss it.  the truth simply is…i forget because i haven’t been documenting it.  over the years i have started and restarted companies, projects, blogs…but, this is the first time i have started the blog with no “business” motives!  you know honestly…its liberating!  i’m just going to roll with it, be vulnerable and see where it takes me.

speaking of vulnerablity….this will be pretty raw for me to write…

i’ve made more than my share of mistakes over the last few years, and i am still sifting through some of that pain.   though i needed self compassion, i have been pretty hard on myself.  the casualty to that self-shame has been my health, my creativity…and my own personal sense of worth.  it’s been easy to let that self doubt creep in but now…i am more than i used to be…”more than”… that’s my new mantra.

there is nothing more important, no job, no business project…not a even single corprate task, that ever could measure up to what i am doing now as a mother.   that being said, i’ve found that there are times i have resigned myself to this position.  it MUST change.  it is time to brush off, renew, and buoy myself up!

it’s time to get my own “stuff” in order so i am in tip top shape.  i have a lot of personal goals this year, a lot of ideas, and  a lot of things i want to do.  i am not really sure what my path looks like…but in order for me to find it i need to get my whole self in a much healthier place.  a much clearer place.  it is not the first time i have let myself go, and truthfully i am not completely sold it will be the last…but more importantly, it is time to get back on track.  time to start taking care of my machine again.

when i look at my four beautiful girls, each so wildly unique and amazing…i know that this resigned self just wont due.  they need to know how incredibly talented they are, how unlimited they are, and how worth it they are on this wild ride.  it starts with me, and the example i set.


wake up my soul…let’s get going!