Heidi Grace



Kaleidoscope develops meaningful visual design experiences for brand identities, lifestyle, and surfaces. Understanding the collaboration of color, typography, composition, perspective and essence ensures we create products that elicit an emotional response.


Kaleidoscope works with Businesses, Start-Ups, Non-Profit Organizations, and individuals to develop lasting brand identities. Kaleidoscope develops captivating visual stories and strategic marketing campaigns that visually communicate brand essence. We work from the perspective of how a brand relates to both with internal teams and with the outside world. 


Kaleidoscope works with individuals and businesses to craft spaces that enhance innovation, productivity, and well-being. We find innovative expressions that bridge the concrete purpose of a space with its inspirational potential. Kaleidoscope visually articulates the design, decore, and aesthltic of an individual through the spaces they reside.


Kaleidoscope creates patterns, icons, and prints for surface media such as gifts, decor, soft goods, and textiles. Our diverse visual styles and patterns are used to convey visual stories for consumable products as well as lifestyle goods.