Kaleidoscope Design is a design and innovation firm that specializes in Visual Design, Brand Architecture, and Idea Generation.

We work by outlining an individual method for each project that honors the vision at large, and defines the essence each project will ultimately convey.  We believe that deeply understanding the demographic and community that experience our work is the  richest way to cultivate a receptive and authentic consumer experiences. We understand at our core that creative solutions encompass all aspects of business, that great design is the quickest way to influence consumers, and that pure innovation is action working in tandem with DIFFERENT!

Kaleidoscope Design works with Small Businesses, Start-Ups, Non-Profit Organizations, and Corporations alike to build lasting brands, develop strategic ideas, and streamline sustainable methods for creative teams. We understand design aesthetic and the importance of brand identity as it relates to consumers, internal business teams and the outside world.  The influence of color, typography, composition, and essence play a meaningful role in captivating visual design.