on being healthier

on being healthier

i just posted about my need for a more healthy overall well being…and with world domination on my to do list, it simply has to start with a foundation of physical health.  is my body…my machine, in perfect performance condition?  not right now.  so, it is time for a helathy reboot!  green style!

i really have done a lot of personal research in this department.  i’ve journeyed through paleo to vegan…crossfit to yoga, and everything in between.  i’ve  been  both lean and squishy.  honestly, i think i really have figured out just what i need to do to get to that healthy place, the key ingrediant is actually doing it.  really doing it, doing what we all know works!  sticking to it…consistency…consistency…CONSISTENCY!

i’ve been teaching fitness classes for almost 20 years now…wait, for real? ummm, yeah…18 years…yikes that’s crazy! i know what to do, what to eat, what to drink…and i what to avoid, but over those 20 years i have gained and lost and toned and softened…on a roller coaster ride with my good old frienemy…ease, and do you know who my frienemy always brings along for the ride…shame.

i don’t think that staying healthy is easy at all, it is work! hard work.  it requires dedication, practice and repetition…just like anything worth striving for.

so…i’m gonna spell it out for myself, so that over the next 12 months of 2014,  i can use this as my own personal platform for motivation. oh, and this time i’m gonna stay on board…with my new friend…confidence!

so here is my plan…in a nutshell:

oh wait-before you start…a few suggestions…

first, clear the house of any and all temptation.  get rid of it!  donate it, toss it…just loose it! all of it! then organize and fill your fridge and cupboards with healthy options!

second, identify your numbing agents…what stresses you out?  specifically…what causes you to seek ease over health.

third, measure and document.  take girth measurements, do a body fat test, take a picture, weigh yourself, and do a fitness assessment. record it now, in 6 weeks, and in 12 weeks…and so on.  track and log your progress.

and forth, find a true friend to journey with.  ideally a friendship where there is mutual accountability.

now, here is the work…


drink wheat grass

drink freshly juiced vegetables and fruits

drink nut milks

drink herbal teas

drink smoothies (preferably with blue green algae)

drink as much water as you can (at least your body weight in ounces)

eat any beans, seeds and nuts

eat immune support cereal

eat a large salad with mixed vegetables and add a healthy dressing as a tasty treat.

eat whole gluten free grains, flours and breads

eat fruits and vegetables

flavor in moderation with spices, maple syrup, and sea salt.

eat healthy fats.

eat the least processed meal replacement bars you can find-i like lara bars.

stop eating by 7:30

avoid all processed foods

i’m very inspired by kris carr’s crazy sexy diet, and am following it with some modifications.  for the full details get the book, it really is good! here are all the things you need to do, and if it’s not on the do list…don’t do it!  there is one don’t worth mentioning don’t indulge in crack! (aka: sugar)


monday: high intensity interval training with cardio and strength

work a strength skill

tuesday: walk/yoga/row

50 sit ups, 25 push ups, 50 air squats

wednesday: moderate intensity prolonged training with cardio and strength

thursday: walk/yoga/row

50 sit ups, 25 push ups, 50 air squats

friday: high intensity interval training with cardio and strength

stack chosen muscle group

saturday: light walk/swim

50 sit up, 25 push up, 50 air squats

stretch or do comfort yoga everyday!

sunday: stretch and rest


to be in bed by 10:30…yep, that’s right! (unless the creativity comes.)

to weigh myself (without judgement but constructive observation) every morning.

to practice having gratitude.

to practice being present, mindful, and intentional.

to embrace vulnerability, imperfection, and fear.

to seek connection.

to meditate/pray/read for 15 minutes a day.

and with that…the ride begins…

ps…i am not a certified health provider/doctor, and this is all just my opinion, only trying to keep myself on track, but if it motivates someone else…that is great too!