Heidi is an artist, creative leader, innovator and entrepreneur. Born creative, Heidi quickly realized she had visual stories to tell. In her early years as a young entrepreneur Heidi built Heidi Grace Designs, a globally recognized brand. Just after 2 years of operation, Heidi Grace Designs was acquired by Fiskars Brands, Inc. In the role of Creative Director, Heidi collaborated with creative teams to develop and scale her ideas, growing the company to a multi-million dollar consumables enterprise.  Heidi understood then, and still stands by the ethos, that design is storytelling. Passionate about curiosity, connection, and deeply experiencing the world around her, Heidi uses this to generate interesting products and visual design that authentically communicate brand identity and considers the human experience.

Over the last decade, Heidi has contributed her ideas and designs to multiple start-ups, non-profits, businesses, incubators, and product lines in tandem with her most creative endeavor to date, that of a mother. From the moment each of her four spirited daughters were born, Heidi knew she would never see the world the same as she once did. Completely smitten, Heidi paints, designs, sews, crafts, and instagrams her way through just about every minute of their colorful life together. As Heidi sees her daughters move through the world, deeply inspired by the beauty around her, Heidi is committed to the pursuit of creative expression as True North. Inspired by her own journey and the role of creativity in her life, Heidi teaches Idea Development, Design Thinking and Creative Solutions to entrepreneurs and creatives. Heidi dedicates her energy to elevating innovation in business and entrepreneurship as it relates to branding, messaging, and experience. Heidi’s most recent project is Principal at Kaleidoscope House, a design firm that champions storytelling through visual communication.

Nearly two decades of experience in visual design and product development contributes to Heidi’s understanding of how to harmonize design by curating typography, color selection, composition, and most importantly…collective essence. With a variety of creative projects under her belt, and plenty more to come, Heidi composes visual experiences that tell compelling brand stories, produce interesting consumer products, and support innovation that enhances the human experience. In Heidi’s own words, “There is always more…everything in its time.”