what are you holding on to?

what are you holding on to?


what are you holding on to?  why are you holding it so tightly?  why aren’t you willing to let it go…to put it down…to move on? what…is in that suitcase?

i painted this little girl last summer, while thinking about the stuff i was holding on to.  my baggage.  i haven’t really been able to let myself think about it again till now…(thanks to my new friend susan, who unknowingly gave me the nudge i needed to write about this)

i believe most great experiences in life come with highs and lows.  they come with memories i cherish and hope to never let go of.  yet i find it’s those memories that can just slip right through my fingertips.  then there are the memories that hurt, the ones i desperately want to let go of, but just can’t seem to find a way. the ones that i hold on to so tight, as if their very content will give me something valuable.  it’s just like holding a balloon and a suitcase.

i am practicing gratitude and striving for physical wellness right now…and right along with that comes focusing on what i choose to hold on to.  i have got to let go of a painful past, forgive people who have hurt me, surrender the resentment, and waive the white flag to expectations. there is just no room for it in my life.

girl…you are more than you use to be!  more than you used to be 5 years ago, and more than you were just 5 days ago. so, when you wake up each morning, think about what you really want to carry with you…and be sure there is no baggage!