silver isabel kress

silver isabel kress

poloroidwithmomdadandsilverweb…and so we welcome our newest addition…miss silver into the world!  i love her!  i love her…i LOVE her!!!  there is just nothing sweeter than bringing a life, straight from our heavenly father, into this wonderful world.  i know it sounds flowery…fluffy, and magical…but IT IS! it is so magical!  time stands still, and life is bliss!  those first few moments are undescribable, and the love is so very strong.

with each little girl we have brought into the world…it never ceases to amaze me how my heart grows…literally grows.  it does not split, and i don’t have to share it…it just grows even bigger every time!

silver-birthcollagewebsilver came to us about a month early.  i had been having contractions for weeks, and finally got to a safe place when we could let her out!  it was definitely my smoothest delivery, and she was a gem from the moment she arrived!  again…there are no words that describe the pure joy that pours from your heart once you see that beautiful soul for the first time…so very sweet!

oh…and then, it’s time to take her home.  it is so daunting yet so exciting.  how can you be so confident and scared all at the same time.  she is so strong yet so fragile…so dependent on you…and though exhausted, i am always amazed at the strength and motivation that comes with having a new born.

poloroidwithgirlsandsilvershe will be so loved…so very loved by all of us!  her sisters have been such amazing little people to her.   i kind of felt like a lioness…wondering if they would accept her into our pride…ready to pounce on the first signs of mistreatment…but they love her…and of course they welcome her…and i love them all…so very much!